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From Visitors to Shadows

John’s Farm News, 9th edition, Feb 18, 2021

Unbeknownst to us, yet evident this morning, we had visitors at John’s Farm during the night. Who goes there?

Keeping an adequate protein source in front of livestock during extreme weather conditions is a priority on John’s Farm. Quality grass naturally provides protein; in the winter, when the grass is dry, there is less protein in the leaves. To maintain health the cattle are supplemented with organic alfalfa and organic barley (both feed-stuffs grown on our farm). Less than 1% of a calf's life-time diet is barley which supports USDA’s verification John’s Farm Beef are grass-finished.

Either the young calves or their mothers must have figured out how to deal with polar nights. The question is did the calves nose around in the hay and then quickly lie down or did their mamas manage to tuck-them-in and bed-them-down for the night? This cozy sight certainly brought a smile to the farmer.

This pair of cranes might be taking up permanent residence near the old farm house and we suspect when humans are out-of-sight they venture further into the pasture in hopes of finding a bite of barley the cows have overlooked.

The Gloss Mountains provide a beautiful background for cattle, standing on the earth’s white covering calmly, safely grazing on hay. This is just one of the many reasons this farm is so loved.

This photo captures what happens along Cheyenne Creek when the brilliant sun shines on elm, china berry, and willow trees and creates vibrant shadows along her banks. What a gift we have inherited as a result of Oklahoma Land Run of 1893. Blessed!

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