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Last of Harvest and A Beginning

I may have clapped and shouted 'Hallelujah" when the combine operator sent me this photo stating, “all that is left of this year’s wheat.” With only a few equipment breakdowns and the guys holding up through the scorching temps, dreadful humidity and late night hours this chapter, 2021 Wheat Harvest, draws to a close. Successful in many ways, not so successful is a few ways but safe, sound, and done – we are THANKFUL.

Harvest is a Wrap
It's All Wrapped Up - Harvest 2021 is in the books, close the chapter and BE THANKFUL! Photo Credit: Josh Weinbender

When one chapter closes another begins and so it was last evening as the young Farmer rolled into the field to initiate soil cultivation, breaking up the wheat stubble and eliminating the grass that is trying to make itself known. I'm partial and admit it but this is a fact - Farmer is one of the best equipment operators in these parts and you’ll notice he has an eye for photography, too. As the sun was setting a storm was brewing – he snapped it!

Sun Set Summons Storm
Sun Sets as Storm Simmers: "...get your fields ready..." Proverbs 24:27 Photo Credit: Farmer, Kale Downs.

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