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Passing Time While Thirsting for Rain

An afternoon reminiscent of spring in the offering — the sun rays beckoned me to toss aside a jacket, roll up shirt sleeves, and sit on the tailgate. That’s what transpired the afternoon I visited our family’s Oklahoma Centennial Farm in Cheyenne Valley, near Fairview. Small diamonds sparkled as they basked in the light shining on the hillsides; Cheyenne Spirit, one of the Gloss Mountains, stood stately in the backdrop of a true-blue sky.

The landscape was breath-taking; the sounds of nature filled the quietness of the Valley. Yet, amongst all of creation there was something concerning – frail grass, barren trees, and the feel of brittle plant life crunching underfoot. It’s obvious the area is suffering from water depravation. The thought, the sound, the feel of drought is unmistakable.

Suddenly I realized how much I had missed rain – the thought of an approaching shower, the roll of thunder, the flash of lightening, the pitter-patter of raindrops, the sight of mud puddles, the feel of fresh water dropping through the air only to plop on my skin, and the scent of water-cleaned air. From within I felt an overwhelming yearning for rain!

Time came to leave the farm so I set out following the red dirt trail that would twist, turn, and lead to the rock road. One could be discouraged, even among the beams of sun, glistening isinglass, and soft noises of nature. I drove to the farm but this blue bird flew in. His presence was stunning! He seemed to sense I was harmless for all I had was a camera and he held tightly to the dried sunflower stem.I believe it is just as recorded in Genesis 1:21 “So God created … every winged bird according to its kind.” I am, once again, encouraged for I trust it will happen as in Job 5:10 “He provides rain for the earth; he sends water on the countryside.”

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