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Today’s Perspective From the Past

It’s Earth Day, 2014, and two gals drive onto John’s Farm. Their visit was scheduled prior to their arrival; little did I realize when planning for this day that we’d chosen Earth Day for our excursion. In fact, I’d failed to give Earth Day much thought until we were standing on our Oklahoma Centennial Farms. About that dirt under my feet – who has trod before me? About this picturesque view – who was first awe-struck by the beauty? About those trees – who carried the seed to plant? About a fence post with the cone-shaped top – who milled it and who set it?

Driving from the grassy plains, thru the Valley, to the rocky topped Gloss Mountains the three of us were offered opportunity to share, connect, and laugh about our pasts and our presents. As for the dirt, it went from sifting sand to hard red clay with a lot in-between; from blowing dust to rock-hard soil someone braved it all to survive. As for the scenery and the view, it goes from native species of tall, prairie grasses to rugged, gypsum laden terrain. Land Run folks surely noticed nature’s paintings and were lured to stake a claim. As for the trees, it goes from saplings sprouting on the creek banks and some unwanted new-comers emerging in the prairie grass to the stately, towering Witness Trees, having observed Oklahoma history for more than 100 years. The pioneers must have carefully carried valued seeds in their pockets and strategically placed them for wind breaks, orchards, and shade. As for fence posts, we saw the widely-used, orange t-posts, creosote brace posts, and a few posts that seemed to be branchless limbs and then we noticed the “old” post; it’s stature surely originated from a tree trunk and Grandpa must of used a saw to cone-shape the top. Value? In monetary terms – priceless!

It’s time to call it a day. With dust on our shoes, dirt on our hands, cameras loaded with snapshots, and mental notes in our minds our venture concluded and Earth Day experienced its sunset.

Daniel 2:23 – “I thank and praise you, God of my ancestors…”

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