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Where is the ‘I’ in community?

It takes a village to raise a child – you’ve heard that old proverb before, right? Something similar struck me this morning and here’s how the ‘struck’ started.

This spring I’ve been admiring the colorful, cheerful bump-outs in Fairview, OK. Some community folks contributed plants and dollars and the Park Superintendent has spent time on his knees arranging seedlings; I’m the benefactor every time I’m on Main Street!

On with the story… I’ve been noticing a few strays in the bump-outs, more commonly called weeds and cheat grass. My intentions were to pull those unsightly things; the truth is those have been short-lived, passing thoughts – until this morning!

Turning on to Main from Central I noticed a couple of grass spears sticking up from shrubs. I kept my foot on the accelerator. Getting close to the stop light I noticed a gentleman walking on the sidewalk along Broadway. Perhaps he’d been to the Post Office or to his office; he was carrying a canvas bag in his hand that appeared to have papers inside. Then he did just what he’s known to do – he bent over and picked up a stick from the sidewalk, carrying it he continued toward his home. My first thought was ‘his pace of his steps have slowed a bit and the length of his stride is shorter but the love in his heart for his home town grows stronger every day.”

Thank you, Mr. Wymer, for being an example and a motivator – getting me to do what was needed; I’ve spent more time contemplating the possibility of doing something than the three minutes it took to do actually do something! There’s one less stick on the sidewalk, a few less sprigs of cheat grass in the bump-outs, and a couple of weeds found a new home in the nearby trash can.

Simply said, “It takes each of us to raise our community.”

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