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Have you ever noticed that when you introduce someone you often refer to their origin? For example, this is What-a-Moo; she's from The Farm 2. There is something about identification-by-location that generates meaning and connections. There is something about identification-by-location and who-grew-it that rings true for fresh food on my plate. Whether it's broccoli, asparagus, chicken, spring mix, pork chop, egg, sweet potato, tomato, or beef the question arises - "WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?"

The value of the food on my plate increases with identity, especially when I can attach the item to a face, a name, or a location. Unless you've traveled across the oceans or crossed the boarder it might be difficult, if not impossible, to connect a face, name, or location to some of the food that is making it's way on our plates. There's something about researching the 'origin' of food that I find intriguing; the more I learn about 'where did that come from' the more I find myself gravitating to local sources. When I consider the miles food travels, for example beef from Uruguay or Namibia and strawberries and grapes from Mexico, it just makes sense to purchase food grown in the USA. What really trips-my-trigger, is the opportunity to purchase food from someone in my state, region, county, and community; many times I can pinpoint the location, put a name with a face, or recall a pleasant visit with the grower - it's the simple connection that makes the food taste better ;)

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