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John's farm drive-thru tour 2021


We're excited to once again offer crew-directed farm tours and hope you will take this opportunity to schedule a visit at John's Farm in Fairview, OK. Click below to learn more and reserve your farm tour, today. We look forward to seeing you!


We're answering your inquiries of coming to visit our farm by offering an adventure the whole family can enjoy... a drive-thru tour of John's Farm in Fairview, Oklahoma!

Stunning scenery and an abundance of clean air is calling you. This drive-thru experience will allow you to explore the countryside, connect with the land, and discover roads less traveled. On John’s Farm you can breathe deep, walk slowly, and hear nature. Our ancestors planted their roots in Oklahoma soil; through organic, sustainable, regenerative farming methods we strive to enrich the earth for future generations. From homesteading-to-technology, from truck-bus-to-GPS, from 1893-to-today, you will encounter more than 100 years of history on John’s Farm.

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Ratzlaff Homestead

You will understand the source of your food, delight in the environment which our cattle thrive, and embrace the portion of Oklahoma we call ‘home’. Everyone from ages 5 – 99 will find this tour unique, pleasurable, and educational for singles, couples, and families of all backgrounds.

Your safety is a high priority; respect for and care of the land, environment, and one another, including our farm and the property of our neighbors will be practiced.

Cattle Grazing

Crew-guided: Maps, detailed driving instructions, printed narrative, and connection by cell phone with one of John’s Farm crew will be provided when you arrive at John’s Farm. Allow a minimum of 3-4 hours for this tour. Due to terrain, NO mini-van. You may wish to place a beef order in advance of your tour; near the end of your tour you will be able to safely pick up your order. Tour reservations and beef orders are available on-line only. Within 48 hours of making your reservation you will receive an email confirming your reservation and providing additional information. Price: $125 per vehicle, max 8 passengers.

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