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Our Story

Significance and A Song

It was a brisk spring morning. A grayish film seemed to be floating under the blue sky. The wind was light, much different than the force experienced the day before. Most of nature must still be subdued from the night as I’m surrounded by quiet. Peace abounds on a morning such as this! The silence was broken as a sweet whistle filled the air; it was a brilliant whistle of a few syllables. Looking around and up I spotted a Red Bird; he was bursting with color and overflowing with song. The Northern Cardinal was easily spotted as he perched on a leafless branch and his singing was as distinct as his hue.I found myself standing in awe of a Cardinal, clothed in red, highlighted with black, and a feathery crest atop his head. His clear signal rang loud and clear. Suddenly I realized I was seeing and hearing one of the most unique, colorful, distinct birds to inhabit Major County. This brightly colored, musical, feathered creature turned my thoughts to the fullness of nature, its wonderment, and the Creator. I speculated how such a magnificent bird was molded in the hands of God, how years and years have passed since the feathery creature came into existence yet the species remains, how the Cardinal survives the elements and comes away singing. Within a few moments I was humbled by a Red Bird! With His hands the same Creator molded man in his image and by grace He has sustained our existence over generations. My heart sings, “And you are far more valuable to Him than any birds.” Luke 12:24.

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