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So Far, So Good!

John’s Farm News: 6th Edition, February 15, 2021

The English language fails with words to adequately describe how a -27 wind chill feels, right? It seems most of Oklahoma had the experience and we sure hope and pray somehow, somewhere, someway each one was safe.

Feeding cattle started early this morning; it was slow going with no particular problems until…

driving into the farm yard - it was all about drifts. Plugging in the tractor a day or so ago turned out to be a good move because out of the shop it came using the dozer blade to clear a path,

a log chain linked the pickup to the tractor,

and with a slight tug the problem was solved.

Over the years I’ve noticed John loves using a dozer; whether it’s dirt or snow he pushes, pushes, and pushes to his heart’s content. It’s safe to say we have a smooth, wide path to-and-through the back yard; it's also safe to say John enjoyed every minute of it!

With current conditions, where there is water there is ice; upon first inspection we wondered if there was any liquid inside or if solid was all we were going to find.

Once again, the long-handled ax cut holes in the ice; with a spade ice bergs were pitched away. Chop, chop, chop!

A simple leak at the hose connection turns the hydrant into a piece of art.

Then…the unexpected. A wild pig was helping himself to the cow's hay left in the pasture from yesterday. John is generally an easy-going, methodical driver but those characteristics go out-the-window when he spots one of these unwanted, destructive creatures. He figured out that if he can keep one running in a circle, away from a fence, it will eventually run out of steam. Believe me, the chase was on!

Thankfully there were no sizable snow drifts when John put the peddle-to-the-metal and gave chase. Final score: John – 1; wild pig – 0.

Mrs. Pink Nose and the rest of the herd survived the record temperature/wind chill of last night; she and the other cattle welcomed the hay wagon into their pastures and the young calves kicked up their heels in excitement.

This afternoon the cows took a liking to the sun rays; sharp sunbeams cut right through our layers of clothing, warming our hearts. Today's sunshine encouraged us but it doesn’t hold a candle stick to the caring, thoughtful, soul warming texts, emails and calls we’ve received for many of you, asking about the livestock’s well-being, inquiring about our safety and offering prayers of protection for John's Farm. Once again, words fail to describe how blessed we are!

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