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A New One in More than One Way

John’s Farm News, 7th edition, Feb 16 2021

When John arrived at the pasture this morning he was greeted by the newest member of the farm family. For the life of me I cannot figure out how a mamma cow manages to pull off a successful birth when the temp is –zero but she DID IT. I cannot imagine what a shocking experience it must be going from a secure, warm environment with a rhythmic heartbeat to a Polar Vortex (-27) on a blustery night. It took an exceptionally keen mamma to manage the elements and birthing all at the same time! This little fella’ needs a name; we need your suggestions. Drop me an email ([email protected]) or text (580.794.7767) with your entry. Our grandkids will determine the entry winner. There will be a prize - stay tuned!

Ice, ice and more ice was the theme for the afternoon as two hydrants were frozen. A propane bottle with attached weed burner is the go-to on days like these. Oh, and a piece of sheet metal to protect the poly stock tank from having a hole melted in the side of it (YIKES).

At the first location the cattle came out of the trees to check out what was happening in their pasture. As soon as they realized they were not getting another bale of hay they turned tail and headed back to their windbreak. Just a few minutes of ‘torch it’ and the hydrant was back-in-business.

At the second location the propane weed burner thawed the hydrant but no water. Another problem was determined – frozen meter. Additional equipment was required – a flexible metal pipe, rags for stuffing, and pickup exhaust. This evening John shared these details: “I backed the pickup as close as I could to the meter, attached one end of the flexible pipe to the exhaust and placed the other end in the meter hole, placed the lid over the meter and stuffed rags around the edges to hold in the heat. Josh and I sat in the pickup where it was warm and 15 minutes later, RUNNING WATER.” As they left the scene Josh said “we should go into the Hydrant Thawing Business.” We best stick to farming!

Very light snow falling at the farm tonight; it’s currently zero degrees. Today a calf was added to the farm family; the cattle have running water. This evening John’s brother-in-law was able to return home following hospitalization for after-Covid complications; likewise, we are encouraged with the report from Covid ICU where John’s brother is a patient. We are thankful for protection during Polar Vortex Express; we are thankful for our health; we are thankful for family!

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