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Not Much Snow and Too Much Cold

John’s Farm News, 5th edition, Feb 14, 2021

We’ll take it – less snow than predicted! While the snow total may be short predictions the wind speed and dipping temperatures hit the mark. We’ll take it – Nursery Lesson #5 CANCELLED. The cancellation had nothing to do with the weather; it had everything to do with progress. Mamma and newborn have become attached, in more ways than one, and both are doing so well that John lost his teaching job.

As we fed today it was evident the cattle were noticing the frigid temperatures. They were huddled together when we arrived in their pastures. They were less rambunctious as the hay was rolled out; heads immediately when downward and there was little head butting to get the perfect bite.

So far each calf appears healthy; none-the-less, for the next few weeks John will be keeping a very close eye for storm complications, such as pneumonia, to develop.

With the wind howling and snow blowing we were relieved to reach each pasture without delay; the tractors that have been readied remain in the shed. John’s cold exposure was limited to removing bale wrap from each bale prior to unrolling it in the pasture,

opening/closing pasture gates, and grinding barley to fill the feed box. I opted out of going to the cattle in Cheyenne Valley and opted in to cooking; my Valentine had a warm lunch waiting when he got home even if it was 2:00 pm.

Tonight, it is 1° with wind chill at -20°. We are thankful for what we take for granted – truck heater, hydraulic bale arms, switch-operated barley feeder, coveralls, insulated gloves, farm helper (he is a keeper and a blessing), protection while being out-and-about, warm home, lap blankets, and a farm that has stood the test-of-time through the generations.

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