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Our Story

Premium Beef, Grass finished.

We are Oklahoma’s only grass-pastured, grass-finished, certified organic, animal welfare approved beef. You can enjoy beef raised with integrity, allowed to roam in animal-friendly environment and cared for by a steward of the land.

Our Beef

Better. Healthier. Local.

John’s Farm raises livestock solely on our family farm. Organic livestock graze freely on our environmentally-friendly family farm pastures, basking in the sunshine, flourishing on grass with supplementation of organic barley. As a result, we deliver a healthy product to our consumers.

John’s Farm protocol is a stark contrast to the industrial beef world, which trades health and animal welfare for lower prices and faster turnaround. The labels used also fail to disclose growing practices and confuse consumers. For example, grass-fed may only describe what cattle eat before they re shipped to a feedlot and doesn’t necessarily guarantee a healthier beef product.

The Process

Grass-grazed & Grass-finished

Our calves are born in the open pasture where they spend their lives on a grass diet. 99% of the calves diet is made up of organic grass and organic forage/hay that is raised on our farm. The remaining 1% is organic, barley grown on our farm and is used as a source of healthy protein.

Roaming on pastures

Cattle on John’s Farm spend their entire lives enjoying the freedoms of open pastures with a stress-free lifestyle and friendly treatment from our farm family.


As a result of our process, we are able to deliver a healthy product to our customers! Experience the process for yourself.

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Health Benefits

Healthy & Delicious

Often consumers worry that buying healthy beef means it will taste different. John’s Farm customers often tell us they quickly become spoiled by the tender and delicious taste of our beef! So, how can you know that John’s Farm is healthy and delicious? You’ll have to try it yourself to see, but here are some of the factors that determine the health of our beef.


The conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has received special attention because of its beneficial properties for human health. A National Academy of Sciences report has pointed out that “CLA is the only fatty acid shown unequivocally to inhibit carcinogenesis in experimental animals.” Our test results show the mg/g lipid is 9.85, “in the highest range of CLA content reported in the literature for beef.”


The beneficial effects of omega 3 fatty acids have been well documented and include anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic and anti-thrombotic benefits as well as reduced risk of coronary heart disease. Our average ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is 1.86. This ratio “follows the recommendations of nutritionists to be beneficial for human nutrition.”

Local & Sustainable

Sustainable systems, environmentally friendly conditions, animal welfare and organic standards, flourishing pastures, preservation of the earth, healthy plants and animals, rewarding relationships and strong family bonds—these are all part of the definition of John’s Farm today.

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