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On the Farm this Week

February 10, 2021

We watched forecasters, listened to predictions, and consulted our iPhone apps. All we lacked was the real feel of just how extreme this frigid blast was going to be … and then … we stepped outside!

Have you wondered what a day on John’s Farm looks like amid the Polar Vortex Express? Cows have been known to walk-on-ice when the closest water source is the unfrozen area in the middle of the pond. The result of such a happening is unpleasant. A long-handled ax, swung multiple times a day, is the solution, keeping ice broken and drinking accessible at water’s edge.

Throughout the daylight hours round bales of grass-hay, for forage, and alfalfa, for protein, are moved from storage areas into pastures; eat-up-to-warm-up is John’s winter storm philosophy.

Mother Nature, as in weather, leaves a bit to be desired in synchronizing with Mother Nature, as in birthing. This week, a new arrival entered the world on John’s Farm. Perhaps it was the frozen fog that caused his confusion but none-the-less he missed out on learning the importance of nursing. It is 7° this afternoon and John is walking in the pasture, heading mamma and baby to the corral where they will have opportunity to experience up-close-n-personal surroundings; the plan and the hope is baby will catch-the-drift, get-with-it and in plain, simple, mothering terms, latch-on.

The east winds drove fog and drizzle on the door of the walk-in; not only is it frigid on the inside as it should be but it’s frozen on the outside, too. Getting into the freezer could be compared to walking on glass with ice skates. Folks, it is just not happening! RESCHEDULE – deliveries to Stillwater, Guthrie, Edmond, OKC, Moore, Norman, Yukon, El Reno, Geary and locations in-between will be THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25th, same times/same locations and reminders will be sent to each of you. Thank you for your understanding and being flexible in the middle-of-a-storm. You are truly the B E S T !

There you have it – what happens on John’s Farm during the Polar Vortex Express except for a missing piece which is critical at times such as these. When all the work that can be accomplished in one day is done and night falls, we gather inside our warm home, thankful for this farm that affords us the opportunity to carry forward our heritage in much less severe conditions than those overcome by our ancestors. We are blessed!

Kris Gosney
John's Farm | Fairview, Oklahoma

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