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All in One Day

John’s Farm News, 11th edition, Feb 21, 2021

Today was different than most Sundays on the farm. With weather altering routines and extra cattle chores, the 3rd Thursday delivery was moved to the 4th Thursday. When the Polar Vortex brought with it new experiences we had an oxymoron develop - keep the electricity running for the walk-in to stay frozen and wait for ice to thaw to get inside the thing. In preparation of packing beef the game table turns into the order organization space.

While John and I worked on orders Josh made the cattle-checking rounds; he sent this picture and a text, “there’s a baby this morning.” Yippee! This one made the choice to remain where it is warm and cozy until the temp got above freezing which earns the name Wise One!

A couple of days ago this calf had a tummy ache. Josh sent a second good-news photo this morning texting, “This one doing great; no more tummy ache.” (Calf on the right, head down, loving him some hay!”

Cookie Crumb arrived on the farm this afternoon; we were so glad to see her. She is a good one any day; she also knows how to pack orders ;) To be on the safe side, (making sure she comes back often) I prepared some of her favorites for dinner – baked chicken fried steak, cheesy/chili green beans, and baked potato. Officially Approved by Farmer John and Cookie Crumb.

For grandparents, any day gets kudos when there is a phone call, text, or in-person visit with a grand.

We’re gathered in the living room this evening while Cookie Crumb is going through a box of pictures I’ve saved for her over the years. She has the memory of an elephant so with each picture she shares a story. We are so blessed!

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