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How do you spell L O C A L ?

You’ve heard all about it - a cyberattack on the worlds largest meat supplier. Just as food supplies, diminished at the onset of the Pandemic of 2020, were recovering IT infrastructure takes a hit!

The length of time it takes JBS, the top beef producer in the US, to get fully functional will definitely determine the severity of the outcome of this assault but ripple effects began immediately which aren’t going away overnight. Thirteen of the Brazil-based JBS processing plants in the US were immediately shut down; cattle futures took a hit. A recent report (June 3rd) says authorities 'hope' the plants will be operating at 'close to full' production rates by early this coming week. With a slaughtering rate of 22,000 head per day should we think

What should concern us as consumers is our dependence on beef raised outside the US and foreign-owned meat processing facilities inside our borders.

Using terms familiar to the beef industry, I’d grade this "a prime example" of the importance of LOCAL. Is it in your best interest to calculate how far that roast, steak, and burger have traveled to be on your plate? How important is it to know the source of the meat you have in your frig and freezer? Is there value and security in having a relationship with the farmer who raises healthy, tasty, exceptional beef for his family and yours?

Just this morning I had a call from a concerned customer, He and his family want food to have traveled less than 150 miles before ending up on their plates; they prefer to know the source of the food on their table; they know farms and farmers who supply the food they enjoy. We are blessed to have built relationships with consumers who understand, appreciate and practice local.

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