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Be Kind, Love One Another

Be Kind, Love One Another…words we hear frequently in these times of uncertainty, shortages, fear, and pandemic. I’ll be the first to admit being lacks at focusing on the deep meanings of the phrase, putting the words into deliberate or spontaneous actions, and seeking ways to pass kindness and love to others.

Over the years a metro-area family has become more than customers; they’ve become dear friends. The children are musically talented; they have a family band. I fondly recall being invited into their music room to be serenaded with Amazing Grace while embracing the youngest on my lap. What a treasured experience. Last week John made deliveries, including dropping off an order at the home of this family because they needed to be out-of-town. They are so trusting; he was given the garage door code so he could place the order in their freezer. When this arrangement was made, John and I talked about him missing out on his ‘bouquet’ as the youngest child usually toddles about picking a dandelion, flowering weed, or leaf to proudly present to him. The smile on her face and twinkle in her eyes speaks the loudest and makes his heart smile.

With package in hand John opened the freezer door and there -- a paper towel with the words “Thank you, Mr. John” and two frozen-in-time flowers.

Thank You Mr. John
Be Kind, Love One Another

In the midst of absolute silence and frigid conditions was the familiar phrase put into action. Since that day John and I have talked numerous times of his experience – the deep meaning, deliberate action, and passing on of kindness and love – through a child we have been blessed and we are challenged to Be Kind, Love One Another!

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