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We lay down the armor of our rivalry; we erase the boundaries of bedlam; we look at one another through eyes of compassion. Whether I bleed orange, red, white, black, brown, or a rainbow has little significance as together we struggle to comprehend the tragedy of October 24th.

Many have faced loss of life or significant injury on a more individualized, less publicized basis. Those who have had these experiences are familiar with the outpouring of love and concern from family and friends, especially fellow Oklahoman’s. At one time or another each one of us has been called to put aside various loyalties, differences, strategies, and field or court superiority out of necessity for the greater good.

The unthinkable and unbelievable atrocity that occurred at the OSU homecoming parade has turned billions of eyes and ears toward our state. Worldwide media seems surprised that differences have been put aside and boundaries have ceased to exist; reporters are noticing a flood of compassion and kindheartedness unlike what they have previously perceived. What much of the world views as uncommon, such as kneeling in prayer, finance sharing, and hand holding, is what we do best in the finest of times and in our worst moments.

In the blink of an eye we became examples of unity; through example, one of the best methods of teaching, we are defining for the world what it means to bare one another’s burdens, fulfill the law of Christ, and rely on His promise. (Galatians 6:2 and Isaiah 40:31) Whether you or I have a personal connection to any of the individuals or families directly affected by the horrific event that occurred on the streets of Stillwater one thing is certain – in thought, in word, and in deed we were changed; as we go forward our thoughts, words, and deeds, through Him, are changing the World.

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