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Grade This Incident As A Prime Example!

By now you've seen, heard or read all about it...there was a cyberattack on the world's largest meat supplier.

The length of time it takes JBS, the top beef producer in the US, to get fully functional will determine the severity of the outcome of this assault, but ripple effects began immediately which aren’t going away overnight. Thirteen of the Brazil-based JBS processing plants in the US were immediately shut down; cattle futures took a hit. As of today, June 3rd, reports coming from authorities "hope" the plants will be operating "close" to full production by early next week. Full production equals 22,000 head-per-day (a number I cannot even fathom); are we ready for repercussions, better known as price increases, to follow?

What should concern us as consumers is our dependence on beef, or any other food, raised outside the US and foreign-owned meat processing facilities inside our borders. I find it interesting that JBS immediately turns to the United States and our FBI is looking to bring the hacker group to justice.

Grade This A Prime Sample

Grade this a prime example of John's Farm Beef; these beauties grazing the Gosney Oklahoma Centennial Farm ... blessed!

I’d 'grade this incident a prime example' of the importance of LOCAL. Is it in your best interest to calculate how far that roast, steak, and burger have traveled to be on your plate? How important is it to know the source of the meat you have in the frig and freezer? Is there value and security in having a relationship with the farmer who raises healthy, tasty, exceptional beef for his family and yours? A 'YES' answer to these questions means LOCAL defines you!

On two separate occasions I've toured a nationally known meat processing plant and for lack of better terms the experience was totally and thoroughly disgusting and nauseating; no worries, I'll save you the gory details! Fortunately, John's Farm Beef is processed at a family-owned, reputable, processing facility located a short 60 miles from our home. I speak with the owner several times a week; I've observed the entire process; I've spoken with the USDA meat inspectors.

While much of the world is anticipating a possible meat shortage and yet another price increase, we assure our customers we are providing the best care for our cattle, staying closely connected to our processor, and holding prices just as they have been. It's a great time to place an order and if you have ample freezer space consider a quarter or half beef; if you are new to John's Farm Beef I invite you to check us out, give us a call, come see us, and above all - try John's Farm Beef!

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