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Calm AFTER the Storm

John’s Farm News, 12th edition, Feb 26, 2021

Blue skies, floating clouds, soft breeze, brisk morning, happy cows, and birds singing – is it any wonder we find joy on John’s Farm? After ole Polar Vortex made its run thought Oklahoma days like today are all the more special.

John and Josh sorted out young calves to check them over, ID them, and turn them back out with their mammas.

Chow line is defined at a line of people waiting for food, as in a cafeteria. That’s the first thought I had when I saw this line-up of cows and calves. For them the picture defines chow line as a line of cattle diving into the food, as in the pasture at John’s Farm!

This group of cattle did the same – formed a line, heads down and filling up with grass and alfalfa hay. There’s a full pond to drink, wide-open spaces to roam, and a farmer to tend their needs.

Clever, thoughtful, and hilarious entries were submitted for Name That Calf (the calf born the night the wind chill was -27). THANK YOU! All seven of our grands reviewed the entries. The winner: Iced DeCalf. Congratulations to the victor - he receives a package of our Gloss Mountain Beef Jerky.

We hope you weathered well through the record-setting Polar Vortex. We and the livestock did – blessed!

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